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The health coach guides the participant through the initial program elements with the aim of helping the participant autonomously decide how to shape their action plan.

STATE OF HEALTH is a long-term program.  If you stay determined and make some changes along the way, you’ll complete the program in one year and you will have a lot of progress in your healthier lifestyle!

Step 1: Orientation/Intake

Meet with Health Coach and review program elements, Health Coach conducts (or collects) the initial health engagement questionnaire, and provides initial workbook materials, and provides participants with information about how to complete a biometric screening (if not recently completed) NOTE: The next session cannot be scheduled/confirmed until the biometrics screening is completed.

Step 2: The Baseline Assessment

The baseline assessment is completed during this session through a review of the biometric screening results and initial goal setting. The health coach will discuss the health skill groups and will provide the participant with information for (or confirm) scheduling initial health skills group attendance.

Steps 3 – 5: Action Planning

Including case management, care coordination, consultation these three sessions are the core elements of the program. The first session is focused on an introduction to the STATE OF HEALTH action plan, the next session is to support your action plan development, and the final session is the tandem session, where you, your health coach, and your primary care physician meet together (virtually) to review and discuss your action plan.

Steps 6 – 9: Supportive Check-In Sessions

Every 90 days for the first year, then annually, thereafter, you'll meet with your health coach to review your progress and provide continuing support for your health improvement.