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Why do we need STATE OF HEALTH?

  • The State aims to help all state employees to get quality healthcare and achieve their goals toward reaching an optimal state of health
  • After the pilot version is complete (in 2022) we plan to offer several paths of the program so all employees may have the opportunity to participate
  • The pilot version of STATE OF HEALTH (03/2021 - 03/2022) focuses on employees who have chronic conditions, because:
    • These employees have the greatest need for the program
    •  This is an opportunity to fill gaps in care, especially for those who may have experienced health inequities


Here are the Primary Program Objectives:

  1. Integrate and align all SOC health, safety, and wellbeing efforts and programs into one definable program for all SOC employees at all SOC agencies
  2. Provide a structured, long-term model for health improvement and health care engagement to all SOC employees, aimed toward improving health status and controlling costs borne by the State and its employees associated with suboptimal health status
  3. Help all SOC employees to identify their personal health risks and develop a plan to manage those risks and improve their health status
  4. Provide broad-based health & wellness tools to all participating employees
  5. Provide risk-specific coaching and health engagement tools to employees with chronic conditions
  6. Promote awareness of COVID—19 complication risk factors and engage at-risk employees in efforts to reduce those risks


What is State of Health?

Colorado STATE OF HEALTH is an Employer of Choice initiative that integrates the primary elements of the Total Worker Health Model with evidence-based best practices in clinical health improvement for:

  1. Employees who struggle with chronic health conditions with the primary aim of full reversal of these conditions (vs. Disease Management), so these employees may achieve an optimal state of health, well-being, and quality-of-life.
  2. Employees at high risk for developing chronic health conditions
  3. Employees whose present state of health is low risk for chronic conditions
How does STATE OF HEALTH work?
Colorado STATE OF HEALTH integrates the elements of employer-sponsored wellness programming with clinical primary care and condition-specific care by a full care team of
  • Physicians
  • Behavioral health Therapists
  • Board-Certified Health Coaches
  • Registered Dietitians
  • and Nurses
to ensure that a true “whole person” health improvement approach is utilized in a person-centered care delivery environment.


STATE OF HEALTH will help you explore areas of your life that have prevented you from making lasting changes.

  • Your health coach and your physician will help you to develop your own personal health action plan that meets your uniques needs and goals
  • The skill groups and other support elements will help connect you with other STATE OF HEALTH participants
  • You may continue to participate in STATE OF HEALTH beyond the first year - successful participants will be invited to become STATE OF HEALTH champions who promote the program in their agencies and mentor new participants
  • You will earn the maximum points for the MotivateMe incentive program for two years for participating in and completing the year-long program
Who is eligible for the Pilot Program?

You are eligible if you:

  • Are a State of Colorado employee and are enrolled in the State’s health plan with Cigna or Kaiser Permanente
  • Are willing to work with an Everside or Kaiser Permanente provider to provide care specific to STATE OF HEALTH (you do not need to discontinue your care with an established clinic or provider who is not Everside or Kaiser)
  • Are willing to fully participate in the year-long program: (attend coaching sessions and skill groups, work with an Everside or Kaiser physician, engage in healthy lifestyle activities like exercise and nutrition)
  • Have one or more of the following conditions: diabetes - pre-diabetes (high blood sugar) - hypertension (high blood pressure), obesity (35+ BMI) - abnormal cholesterol – depression - tobacco dependence, anxiety, asthma, COPD

• The first 100 participants enrolled in the first phase with Cigna and Everside (Paladina) from March through June

• Another 100 - 150 more participants will start in August and September

• This includes about 25 employees who are Kaiser members while the rest are Cigna members - we’ll develop a waitlist for more employees to start a little later
• The third enrollment cycle will start in January/February 2022